FAQs for ToiletSeva

ToiletSeva is an Android/iOS application that is driven by the intention of making clean and hygienic public toilets accessible to all.

By registering with ToiletSeva you will have real-time updates about clean and hygienic toilet facilities near you. In India, people find it difficult to use clean toilets and sanitation facilities in public spaces. This factor tends to lesser consumption of water by individuals or holding it for a longer time and results in health problems. ToiletSeva an App that is designed for people so that they can use clean and hygienic toilets near you with the complete information of facilities the toilet has.

If you skip registering, then you can use the ToiletSeva App as a guest and avail all the features of finding a toilet facility nearby. Using the application as a guest does not allow you to review the facility that you have used and thus you miss your contribution to this social cause.

No, ToiletSeva is an initiative to make clean toilets accessible for all users and believes in “Har Toilet, Clean Toilet”, we have partnered with different service providers for the same.

First, download the ToiletSeva app using Google Play Store/Apple Store according to your OS. Register yourself with the app and locate the nearby toilets filtering them according to your choice.

Using the (+) button you can add any toilet, which you find suitable to be listed on the ToiletSeva app, following the guidelines of ToiletSeva.

We have a listing of clean toilets all over India for our users to access. The Pune location as compared to the rest of India has more claimed toilets in its bucket.

Yes, the app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store platforms.

ToiletSeva App has a provision in the settings section where you can set language. You can choose the language from Hindi, English and Marathi to use the app.

The ToiletSeva App has 3 languages where you can select your preferred one and use the app seamlessly. English being a universal language, Hindi being the national language and Marathi being the regional language can be opted for on the app by the user.

The filter feature in the ToiletSeva App helps you to add preferences regarding your requirements for a toilet facility. Applying your preferences, you can filter results only of those toilets that have all the features you requested.

You are free to use as many filters at a time as per your convenience.

Whenever you choose the ToiletSeva app to locate nearby toilets, the app will show you toilets partnered with ToiletSeva. Also, you’ll find stickers on the doors of every toilet associated with it.

ToiletSeva does not charge anything for the listing from the users and providers.

We are slowly partnering with people from different sectors to list their toilets on the ToiletSeva app. The App gives a list of Toilet facilities near you and the terms Probable, Reviewed and Claimed are stated in from of each facility in the list.

Probable: Here “probable” means we are aware of the presence of the toilet facility in the location and have listed it on the app, but it has not been claimed by the location’s own/management and is not reviewed

Reviewed: ‘Reviewed’ means some existing users of the ToiletSeva App have reviewed the toilet facility and have used it in the past.

Claimed: “Claimed” - on the other hand, is where the location owner/management is fully aware of the listing and has partnered with us to provide you with a clean and hygienic toilet.

You can use the scanner available in the app to submit your review. Just scan the QR code available on the site and write your feedback accordingly.

The reviews section is a feature in the ToiletSeva Application where you can find overall ratings and reviews about the app. It provides all the existing user reviews from the last 6 months, 3 months, and 2 weeks. The duration of your choice can be selected using the drop-down menu under the main search dashboard or using the drop-down under “details > review section”.

Customers only imply, only customers for the facility/ hotel/ restaurant. People associated with ToiletSeva do not play any role here.

The app detects your location and offers you suggestions of nearby facilities and you can check all of them through the app. For adding a toilet, you can search the location on the map and add all the details for the same.

If you find the facility not appropriate of what they have quoted, you can report the issue on the App for others to be aware of it.

If the App is not functioning well due to any of the mentioned factors, there is a provision in the app where you can report the same. You can elaborate on your problem in words, and we can address it and solve your query.

The favourites option is available in the settings. All you have to do is click on settings> my profile> added by me> select the option of adding to favourites from the list.

You’ll be asked to pay before or after the use of the toilet service at the chosen place.

With ToiletSeva you can always search for nearby toilets, irrespective of the time and location within Pune city, the timings to use the toilet are mentioned on the listing.

You can share the location, but the same person won’t be able to use all the facilities or may find it difficult to use toilets associated with ToiletSeva.