Did You Know?

India accounts for 66% of the 1 billion open defecations in the world. The lack of access to clean, hygienic and safe toilets is not just the cause of health issues but has also been a facilitator of violence against women.

As long as, issues like unclean toilets, poor infrastructure and safety issues exist in India, even after all the development and empowerment our nation won’t be progressing in its all-true sense.

So, to summarise: A clean toilet has NO substitute.

And as it's popularly said: one should never refuse to offer water to someone in need, we would like to emphasize the fact that one should never refuse to offer the use of a clean toilet either.

If you relate to this, we request you to #JoinTheCleanToiletMovement with us and become the provider of a clean toilet by listing the access to your toilet on our ToiletSeva app and being a user by looking up for one when in locations unknown.