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We understand the urgency and need of accessing, clean, hygienic toilets when you are on the go. Driven by the initiative to assist people in discovering, rating, and reviewing public toilets available around the country, the ToiletSeva app came into existence. Our app lets you find the cleanest public toilet around you. As a service platform, we allow users to search for nearby available restrooms with data highlighting cleanliness, hygiene aspects, and reviews in the form of comments and photos shared by the previous users and navigate themselves with the help of Google maps.

Need Of The Hour

We all understand the sensitivity of the situation and always look for a viable option to relieve ourselves (both physically and mentally). It is much needed to empower and educate people to take initiative, make a move and step ahead to bring the change. We believe in the process of holding hands together and supporting each other to mitigate such issues and make “Har Toilet Clean Toilet.”


Safety and hygiene are of paramount importance, negligence in any can cause severe issues. It isn’t always about being a part of social activities, it sometimes requires audacious behaviour to begin with an initiative to represent something revolutionary.

Just walking on the path doesn’t work, stepping in the right direction can move the mountain. We at ToilsetSeva diligently endeavour to make your search for cleaner toilets easy with optimum safety.


ToiletSeva is an Android/iOS application that is driven by the intention of making clean and hygienic public toilets accessible to all.

By registering with ToiletSeva you will have real-time updates about clean and hygienic toilet facilities near you. In India, people find it difficult to use clean toilets and sanitation facilities in public spaces. This factor tends to lesser consumption of water by individuals or holding it for a longer time and results in health problems. ToiletSeva an App that is designed for people so that they can use clean and hygienic toilets near you with the complete information of facilities the toilet has.

If you skip registering, then you can use the ToiletSeva App as a guest and avail all the features of finding a toilet facility nearby. Using the application as a guest does not allow you to review the facility that you have used and thus you miss your contribution to this social cause.

No, ToiletSeva is an initiative to make clean toilets accessible for all users and believes in “Har Toilet, Clean Toilet”, we have partnered with different service providers for the same.

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