How ToiletSeva Helps in having a safe and hygienic lifestyle?

Hygiene Rights of An Individual

The right to sanitation, which stems from the right to an adequate standard of living, entitles everyone to sanitation services that are physically accessible, affordable, safe, sanitary, secure, and socially and culturally acceptable. However, in a variety of settings, including schools, migration and displacement camps, work sites, and their homes, women, men, and children frequently lack facilities that reflect the content of this right.

“The way people can manage their bodily functions is at the core of human dignity. Beyond the personal affront, lack of sanitation significantly undermines other human rights, including health and gender equality.”

Amanda Klasing

Senior women’s rights researcher

Sanitation is the basic human right an individual expects. Today we live in an era where cities are well-equipped with clean and hygienic sanitation facilities but when we step out of our houses, we are worried about what to do in public. As we know food, shelter, and water are basic human rights for every individual, sanitation is an addon to those basic human needs. Many people in India still do not have access to toilet facilities in their homes. Children, women, men they all follow traditional and unhygienic methods for their daily courses.

Wherein, government is taking appreciable steps to eradicate this and make our country safe and secure for everyone. But still the question arises what do we do when in a public space?

As humans, we have our basic needs and if they’re not fulfilled then there might arise physical health problems. ToiletSeva is an application that started an initiative to make this world a better and safer place to live.

What do individuals face when they are in public spaces?

  • Lack of public washrooms and sanitation facilities.
  • When in public people tend to drink less water resulting in health problems in individuals.
  • Use of unhygienic sanitation facilities resulting in minor or major infections in individuals.
  • Growing health issues in women as we lack in safe facilities in public.
  • People limit their activities in order to avoid using public facilities for sanitation.

Hygiene Rights of an Individual

  • Safe and hygienic food.
  • Secure shelter to live.
  • Purified drinking water.

These are the 3 main hygiene rights of an individual. As humans we clean our food before cooking, and restaurants also take all the necessary steps to provide hygienic food for their customers. We clean our homes, offices, and workplaces to have a safe atmosphere. The water we drink comes from a purified source and yet we re-purify it through filter. As humans we take all necessary precautions to have a healthy lifestyle. Then, why do we lack in taking care of sanitation practices.

The most important and unavoidable factor of having a hygienic lifestyle is clean washrooms/ toilets at home, and in public places.

When you step out of your home and generate a need to use the sanitation facility you shouldn’t have second thoughts in mind. It is a necessity. ToiletSeva is an initiative that identifies safe and hygienic toilet facilities near you. With the help of this information, you can use a safe washroom with all the necessary facilities.

How does ToiletSeva solve the problem?

The new generation requires new techniques to solve their problems, and with increasing awareness people are now more open to providing clean toilet facilities.

ToiletSeva App helps you find the nearest clean toilet facility in order to use it. The app is intelligent enough to also direct you to a reviewed toilet facility and help you have a safe experience. The initiative identified the problems we face while in public and elaborates on what a particular toilet facility would provide.

Be aware of your necessessities and use ToiletSeva App to search for safe and hygienic toilet facilities in India. Roam anywhere stress-free and avail yourself of the best facilities by identifying it on ToiletSeva App.

Know your hygiene rights as a human and stand for them. Download the ToiletSeva App and make a difference in the world by sharing and using safe toilets near you. You can also list the toilet from your workspace or home for people who are trying to find one.

Be a part of the change, ToiletSeva wishes to bring to the country!

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